Welcome to E-NAMTILA, the amazing source of the Land’s radiance, the place where the destiny of all the lands is decreed and the living people are correctly guided. (ETCSL translation: t.4.08.16)

E-NAMTILA is the Syrian Electronic Academic Database, a new scientific publishing agency which will be the fruit of cooperation between a number of researchers from different experience backgrounds and nationalities. Our working method is consisted of three simple and clear goals:


One of the main research community concerns nowadays is the access to the latest findings in the area of interest, and while non-open access journals articles are still out of reach for a huge proportion of readers, open access choice is still, on the other hand, an overpriced option for many researchers especially those on low research and publishing budgets.

We at E-NAMTILA believe that scientific publishing and article handling provide an additional value to the scientific research and these services deserve a fair compensation that should be paid one way or another. However, this fair compensation should be reasonable without overpricing.

E-NAMTILA first goal is to spread modern, high quality and open accessed science taking into consideration that research budgets should be spent on research rather than publishing, not the other way around.

All the works published by E-NAMTILA and the related publication media are Open Access licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Under this license, authors retain the ownership of their works’ copyrights, and allow anyone to copy, distribute, or reuse these works in any format as long as the author and original source are properly cited.


The currently used peer review system is efficient however; it is far from being flawless. One of the major issues regarding this system of review is time consuming, especially in case of rejection and re-submission.

E-NAMTILA will provide a new robust and smooth peer review system without losing the precision and accuracy of the conventional currently used review system. With its huge researcher base, E-NAMTILA system will direct each paper to more specialized expert who can take over the editorial authority to handle the research more efficiently and quickly shortlist the prospective reviewers. Furthermore, the new partitioning system will divide responsibilities between reviewers to technical, structural and scientific responsibilities which will produce a more fluent and accurate handling.


One of the major problems that face science nowadays is the expansion of the gap between scientific community and non-specialized community. We at E-NAMTILA believe that research impact on community is not less important than its scientific impact. Therefore, we will work to fill this gap and to become the link in the chain between the two communities.

This goal will be fulfilled by facilitating social media platforms and by using attractive methods to simplify scientific language for our audience. Furthermore, E-NAMTILA team will work to evaluate the community impact of researches as an indicator of their true value.

All researchers will be asked to provide a simplified abstract for their researches upon first submission. This abstract should underline the key points of the research written in plain simple language with the results that can interest the readers or provide a direct benefit to them.